26 September 2007

Happy Fun Time with the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice

If I were more philosophically advanced perhaps I wouldn't take quite so much joy in this, via Ash-sharq al-awsat:

According to Dr. Al-Marshood, the two commission members approached the girls in order to "politely" advise and guide them regarding their inappropriate clothing.

Consequently, the two girls started verbally abusing the commission members, which then lead to one of the girls pepper-spraying them in the face as the other girl filmed the incident on her mobile phone, while continuing to hurl insults at them.

Most excellent.


Shady Character said...

Fasting makes me cranky, too.

Wm said...

I've been giggling all weekend over that comment.

Elizabeth said...

That is pretty damn awesome.
What are you up to these days? Taking any Greek?