07 May 2006

On second thought

I think I'm tired of maintaining software when I'm not at work. I'm happy to let someone else manage the database and software maintenance for my blog for now. It's one less thing to take away time I'd rather spend on more interesting things.

Please excuse the visual horror while I get the CSS worked out.


Eric said...

So...we have co-prosperity why again?

Wm Annis said...

So...we have co-prosperity why again?

Why do you use LJ for your blog?

Actually, I wondered about this a bit over the weekend. For now, I don't consider my blog of such lasting worth that the effort of keeping spam-control, software/db versions current, etc. is worth the time I need to spend on it. So I'm happy to offload the work for that, and spend more quality time on Aoidoi.org, for which co-pro is still useful.

Eric said...

My LJ predates co-pro by about 2 years.

I keep a few blogs on copro too.

Eric said...

My point was merely that if you dislike keeping software current so vehemently...why do we run our own server farm instead of having someone do it for us?

darrelsmith19932785 said...
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