24 May 2006

Any Hellenists have some free time for Aoidoi.org?

After we finished the Aoidoi commentary on the Shield of Achilles, Nick and I discussed what we might want to work on next. We settled on the Hymn to Demeter, as practice for work on a rather larger work (a secret for now), largely because Nick had already read it and had plenty of notes at hand. Today he sent me the last chuck of the just under 500 lines of the Hymn. Right now the document weighs in at 54 pages, and we have fine tuning and additional notes yet to finalize, so it will certainly be longer.

Between the two of us the final editing is pretty good. But this is big enough that I would feel better if we could get someone else to take a close look at it once we get closer to the final draft. I know there are practicing scholars who read this blog. If any of you out there has an interest in this particular text and the time to proof 50+ pages of Greek verse, vocabulary and grammar notes, please do contact me (email). I'm afraid all I can offer in compensation is gratitude and the modest κλέος Aoidoi.org has to grant.

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Keith said...

William -

I just wanted to let you know that I'm working my way through reading your blog. I thought I'd start at the beginning, and since this is the first post in which I could leave a message, I just wanted to drop this note.

The "Shield of Achilles" looks good. I'll be using it later with a study group I'm forming to work through Pharr and selected passages of the Iliad.