16 May 2008

Roots and Tendrils

I've been hammering away at a Common Lisp library for SVG. Last week I decided to take a break from studying the arcana of clipping windows and alpha masks to see if I could translate some of the gallery examples from NodeBox into SVG nicely. My library isn't ready for Graphic Cellular Domestication — that'll take Javascript — but some of the random walk ones turned out ok:

I quite like my modification of the tendrils algorithm, if I do say so myself:

Of course, SVG isn't recognized as an uploadable image format many places, so the pictures are PNG.


Kathleen said...

Those would make pretty nice desktop wallpapers.

kib said...

Impressive : nice work.

kib said...

Sorry, I forgot my question :

Will you provide any code ? I'm beginning Lisp, and I was waiting for something concrete; a graphical language seems a good starting point.

Wm said...

Kib, the code is all in the file testing.lisp in the project:



See the functions "root" and "make-tendril".

kib said...

Thanks, I had to take a look at it.
See you.