17 October 2007

Sci-Fi Surf Rock

A barely noticed musical interlude during Morning Edition somehow wormed itself into my brains some weeks ago, so today I find myself poking around the likely places looking for — instrumental Surf music. Lucky for me that revival already happened in the 90s, so research is easy.

What strikes me is that there's a little subgenre, Space Rock, which uses effects even more than Surf already does, and has, of course, sci-fi themes. "The Ventures in Space," Ziggy Stardust, The P-Funk Mothership, Man... or Astro-Man? — what is it about sci-fi and rock?

In case anyone is curious, the song that got this started is "La Planche," by The Vanduras.


nulldevice said...

Man...Or Astro Man? did a wonderful cover of the MST3k theme.

I've got an album by Shadowy Men On a Shadowy Planet if you wish to borrow it.

Shady Character said...

Random Regurgitated Reactions: This might inspire me to dig out the Aqua Velvets CD I got a bazillion years ago. Not particularly spacy but some fun surfy atmosphere.

Didn't Shadowy Men... do the theme to Kids in the Hall?

Space + Rock made me think of Space 1999. I seem to remember some rather rocking music from that show. Off to search...