04 January 2007

A Midwinter Ramble

While walking home today I saw a caterpillar crawling onto the sidewalk. It's in for a very nasty surprise when Wisconsin's Winter recovers its wits — which it surely will manage at least once before spring arrives.

After nearly two years of bureaucratic obstacles, surprise retirements and general disorder, I am finally registered to take a class in the Classics department at UW this spring. Actually, I'm registered as a "special student" which means mostly that I pay full tuition and my grade will be recorded. In every other way I'm a second-class citizen. For example, I only get to sign up for class a few days before it starts.

I take it as a sign that the Little Gods of Bureaucracy have been propitated that I got a giant, and very stylish, packet of mail today from University Housing. The cover letter starts, "Congratulations on your recent acceptance into Graduate Student program at UW-Madison!" Ok, so some Little God wasn't sufficiently appeased.


sam said...

Say... totally unrelated to your post, but have you decided for sure you're not doing Ides this year? There was some question of it possibly happening when you announced it probably wouldn't be happening. Just wondering if I should be looking for tickets or not.

Shady Character said...

A caterpillar? That's weird. Now I want to go out looking for "bugs."

I hope you enjoy your special student class. Sometimes I miss being in the classroom as I'm rather sketchy as an independent scholar. Will you be riding the short bus with the other special students? Do post about your experiences.